The On-Ramp Course

After decades in the fitness business, we realize that there are 2 primary obstacles to getting started on a fitness regimen. First is a concern that one isn’t physically ready. This usually sounds something like “I want to do CrossFit but I have to get in shape first”. The second is that people are intimidated by the idea of CrossFit, it has an infinite list of terms, confusing workouts (named after girls?), tons of acronyms, and no one wants to join a class having no idea what is going on.
Our On-Ramp course solves these problems and builds a solid foundation on which you can develop your fitness. The 5-week course teaches all of the fundamental movements of CrossFit while building a conditioning base, and introducing you to the methods and terms that make CrossFit unique.

The On-Ramp Course includes:

Initial goal setting session and assessment
5 weeks of individualized programming
5×60 min personal training sessions
access to CrossFit Beyond the Whiteboard tracking software