Do you struggle with any of the following:

  •  You have a gym membership but not the motivation to use it
  • When you go to the gym you lack direction or feel awkward
  • You are frustrated with declining health and weight gain but confused about where to begin the process of change

The On-Ramp Course is a 5-week program during which our trainers work personally on teaching you to move safely, building your fitness progressively, and familiarizing you with various gym equipment.
With a proper foundation, we can build momentum in weight loss and fitness gains. You will feel more confident in the gym and in your skin! Clicking the link to book a Free Diet and Exercise Consultation is your first step to making change happen.

On-Ramp Course includes:

  • Initial goal setting session and assessment
  • 5 weeks of introductory workouts
  • 5×60 min Personal Training sessions
  • Access to Beyond the Whiteboard Workout Tracking Software
    Cost for the Course is $300