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We are unique in that we strive together in our fitness.  We expect challenges and we over come those challenges by sticking together in this fitness journey.  You will never feel like you have to go at it alone, because we are here to help.


  • Top 3 Reasons You Should Squat

  • Top 3 Reasons You Should Squat

    1. Healthy back and knees

    Avoiding squatting (or squat-like movements) because of back and knee pain is more than likely avoiding a crucial step toward having LESS pain. Having strong legs and a strong core from squatting (and deadlifting!) can help your body support itself in the way it’s supposed to. Being strong in the gym makes everyday tasks simpler! By starting lightly and working on great technique with coaches, you can…

    1. Better butt and legs

       Muscle looks great! You will not “bulk up” unintentionally; Crossfit Games athletes work for years on strength and diet, and sometimes workout for a living. Building muscle gives leg shape and can tighten skin. Increased muscle mass also increases your metabolism, and your legs and glutes are the biggest muscle groups you have!

    1. Longevity and independence

    Your goal may not be to back squat double your bodyweight on the barbell, and that’s ok! Being able to move your own body safely and easily is critical as you age. Consider this: if an air (unloaded) squat is the most you can squat, what do you think happens every time you get up off the couch, off the toilet, or out of bed? Your heart rate skyrockets! That kind of maximal effort isn’t sustainable, healthy, or safe. Leg strength is directly related to overall health, and can help you